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Latest piece:  "Record-busting motorbike will be jet engine on wheels". New Scientist, 20/11/12

I mainly work in aerospace and science writing, with a particular interest in the developing alternative

space industry;  But I am not limited by these boundaries and am willing and able to tackle almost
any subject.

I have been published in a number of national and international magazines including:
New Scientist, BBC Focus and The Smithsonian Air & Space magazine.
Below is a sample of some of my previous work.

Yacht's attempt to smash sailing's "sound barrier"
New Scientist
VSR2, Credit Helena Davelid/VESTAS Sailrocket
How to make a 3D cinema
Wired UK
Wired Cinema Graphic
Mock lunar  landers shoot for NASA prize
New Scientis
Armadillo Aerospace's Mod in flight How to build a fusion reactor
Wired UK
Fusion graphic
New age of steam
BBC Focus
steam thumbnail How to become a British astronaut
Wired UK
Triple engine land speed car
New Scientist
Courtesy of the Bloodhound SSC Swansong of the Skylark
Air & Space Magazine
Skylark thumbnail
DaVinci's dream machine
(UTIAS Ornithoper project)
BBC Focus
Ornithopter thumbnailIn a spin: The Dyson rocket engine
BBC Focus