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I mainly work in aerospace and science writing, with a particular interest in the developing space industry; but I am not limited by these boundaries and am willing and able to tackle almost any subject. I have been published in a number of national and international magazines including: All About Space, Wired, New Scientist, BBC Focus and The Smithsonian Air & Space magazine. Below is a sample of some of my previous work.

All about space

Regularly contributing features since 2014

All about space logo

Spaceplanes feature      Spacesuits feature     

Planetary defence      Space Hotels     Nanoprobes     Bussard Ramjet      Venus missions     Deep space atomic clock    

Mars Colonial Transporter      Jumping on other planets     Galaxy formation     Persephone      Space elevator     Launchsites    

UK Solar System      Venusian aeroplane     The sun from other planets     Darpa XS1      World View Balloons     Space based solar power    

Rover records      Droids in space     Martian greenhouses     Minimag      Solar System explorers     The mysterious X37    

Wired UK

Start, Play and "How to" articles since 2010

How to be a British Astronaut      Fusion reactor     3D Cinema     How to grow an island     

How make a rocket stove     How to make a concrete canoe     Graeme Obree's speed record bicycle      Copenhagen Suborbitals    

New Scientist

Various features since 2009

New Scientist logo

Jet reaction picture     X Prize cup     Bloohound SSC     Armadillo Stig    

Sailrocket     Sailrocket     Plasma shield    

BBC Focus

New age of steam and Toronto Ornithopter

BBC Focus cover     BBC Focus UTIAS Ornithopter feature

Smithsonian Air&Space, GQ Mexico, Focus Online

Various features for other publications

Vortex illustration The last Skylark, for Smithsonian Moto fantastico GQ Mexico

Canned features

Some pieces dropped by publications either when the story wasn't what they thought it was, or when another publication ran something similar.
But I still like them!

Airlander 10 by Airwolfhound
A main feature on the new generation of airships based around Hybrid Air Vehicles Airlander from 2014

PM2 nuclear power plant at Camp Century
A main feature on the US Army's Camp Century nuclear powered Arctic base from 2013 (Just like Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back!)

Amanda Palmer
A short interview feature with Amanda Palmer on her Grand Theft Orchestra project from 2012

Sailrockert 1 underway
A main feature on Sailrocket from 2010, the year before I covered their successful record with New Scientist

Blender screenshot
An accepted "How to" for Wired on animation with opensource software that just never got published

Richard Brown's jetpack
A main feature on Richard Brown's gas turbine jet pack from 2008

V2 on trolley
A history feature on Operation Backfire, when the UK test fired captured V2 rockets in Germany

Fairey Rotodyne
An accepted piece for Air&Space on the Fairy Rotodyne that just never got published