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CAD and CGI...

I over the course of my career I have used Autodesk Inventor, PTC Pro/Engineer and Pro/Desktop, Solidworks, Blender and Cinema4D. I have also taught both Inventor, Cinema4D and Pro/Desktop.

Much of the CAD work has been related to commercial projects, but here are some of the projects I can show images of, plus my dabbling in CGI.

CAD model of Brunel's Royal Albert Bridge

VR models for The Design Museum's Brunel exhibition.

Demonstration engine

Space Port Table Hybrid

Blue Streak Inventor model

Blue Streak model and information panel for BROHP
Inventor and C4D

E4 E stings rocket

E4 E Stings competition entry

Isaac 1

Engine Design

HH1 BSc engine

Moller, CO2 rocket and stuff