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    Celestial Mechanics:- def, the study of the motion and

                                       gravitation of stars and planets.

Welcome to Celestial Mechanics, here you will find information on
the various services I can provide and the projects I have been involved in.
Robin Hague.

Latest work:

Jet Reaction article for New Scientist 21/12/11


Black Streak Educational Rocket Launcher

Black Streak Logo

Vestas Sailrocket 2 article for New Scientist 17/11/11

VSR2, Credit Helena Davelid/VESTAS Sailrocket

3D CAD and CGI
Rocket engine design, construction and testing
Aerospace consultancy
Engineering/Product design
Freelance writing
Science exhibit design

MSc by research, Hybrid rocket engine design
BSc (hons) Physics with Space Technology
BTEC Aeronautical Engineering