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Hybrid rocket engines

I have designed, built and tested a number of hybrid rocket engines systems, for a variety of applications. Hybrid rockets burn a solid fuel with a liquid oxidiser; hence hybrid because it is like a cross between traditional solid propellant motors and bi-liquid engines. In the course of this work I have used typical hybrid fuels, plastics, rubber, wax, and some more unusual ones; in conjuction with liquid and gaseous oxygen and nitrous oxide.
I have also contributed to, and assisted in, the development of hydrogen peroxide monopropellant and LOX/Kerosene bi-liquid propulsion systems. I am always interested in aiding or providing the construction of new systems and can respond to requirements very quickly.

C5 combustion chamber with plume and Mach diamonds

Brainiac: Science abuse
Rocket powered Sinclair C5 and skateboards

MSc engine

MSc engine

Isaac2 running at the UK Health and Safety Laboratory

Isaac 2, 1.25 tonnes thrust
liquid oxygen and rubber

Clear sided demo engine for OWL

"Out of this World Learning" TH2 transparent hybrid demonstation engine

Isaac 1

Isaac 1 fuel characterisation engine

HH1 BSc engine

HH1 BSc Engine